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Welcome to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of The Florida Bar. I’m honored to serve as the 2020-2021 Section Chair.

The purposes of the section are to:

  • Provide an organization within The Florida Bar open to all members in good standing who have a common interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas leading to increased knowledge and understanding of ADR and improvement of individual ADR skills and abilities, both as a participant and as a neutral.
  • Assist the state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies, tribunals, or other third parties, in establishing methods of administration of mediations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, by making formal or informal recommendations to them.
  • Advise and recommend substantive changes to laws relating to ADR to the Florida Legislature.
  • Assist members of The Florida Bar who desire to increase their effectiveness as ADR participants.
  • Keep the section membership and other ADR professionals informed and updated regarding standards of professional conduct, legislation, rules, policies, and the responsibilities imposed on mediators and arbitrators and other dispute resolution professionals.
  • Prepare, organize, and provide educational programs for the educational needs of section members as well as a forum for discussion of ethical considerations for ADR participants.
  • Study proposed and existing legislation affecting ADR and recommend support or opposition to The Florida Bar’s Board of Governors.
  • Act as a liaison/advisor for any section, committee, governing body, or rule-making body that seeks to make changes to procedures that involve mediation, arbitration or other forms of dispute resolution.

The ADR Section provides opportunities for continuing legal education (CLE) and continuing mediation education (CME), both credits on a single program. You can also lend your voice on recommendations to the Florida Supreme Court and the ADR Rules & Policy Committee on rules changes on matters affecting mediators and arbitrators. If you want to make a difference, join us via your Florida Bar member portal. We look forward to a productive relationship.

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Oscar A. Sanchez

2020-2021 ADR Section Chair