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A Mindful Lawyer’s Introduction to Mindfulness

By December 3, 2018No Comments

“Lawyers are particularly susceptible to being slaves to the voice in our heads. We are planners, doers and worriers. We are taught to plan for the worst-case scenario. Eventually, we come to regard our constant state of anxiety and never-ending to-do lists as professional necessities and allies. Yet studies show that around 70 percent of our mental chatter consists of negative, repetitive and useless thoughts that only exacerbate our unhappiness.”

Please take the time to read this excellent article shared with us by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of The Florida Bar Health & Wellness Committee. Mindfulness is “one of those things everyone knows they should be doing but don’t.” Maybe today is the day you should try it. #HealthWellnessADR #mindfulness

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