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A Mindful Lawyer’s Guide to Mindfulness, Part 2: Making It a Habit

By May 23, 2019No Comments

Here’s a great article—part two of “A Mindful Lawyer’s Introduction to Mindfulness”—that gives a few tips on how to be a more mindful lawyer. The first step is awareness. Changing old habits can be hard so you need willpower and intentionality to make your new, healthy behavior become a habit. The next step is to start slowly. If you can’t imagine meditating for 20 or 30 minutes each day then take a minute or two out of each day to practice breath awareness. As your periods of daily awareness grow from a few minutes to 20, the next step is to set larger goals. Once your mindful moments have grown into periods of meditation, dedicate a place in your home to your practice—one space designated to your purpose of seeking inner stillness that is comfortable and has minimal distractions. Experiment with different meditation techniques, postures and other things that can aid your practice. Finally, you might want to consider joining a contemplative community, either in person or online that can help you along the path to developing a mindfulness practice.

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