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Business of Mediation: Making It Work

October 6, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Live Zoom Webinar
$50 for ADR Section Members

Live Zoom webinar by Christopher M. Shulman, Shulman ADR Law, P.A. Course number and 1 CLE, 1 Technology credit pending approval. ADR Section members register for only $50. Registration opens soon.

Mediating as the neutral is different from advocating as counsel, even in mediation. As lawyers shift some or all of their practices to mediation, they will learn that running a mediation practice differs in some ways from running a law practice. This program by a successful and experienced Mediator/Arbitrator will offer tips and lessons learned by a full-time neutral about back-office and customer-facing processes and forms, as well as the role leveraging technology can play in achieving success.

The CLE will provide “what every mediator needs to know for a successful mediation practice.”

  • Getting Business – including forms and best practices
  • Setting up a virtual mediation model
  • Getting Paid – Notices and follow-up.

So you are great at mediating? Do you want to succeed with the logistics of developing a full-time mediation practice?  You’ll come out of this webinar with an awareness of the obstacles in running the business of a mediator. Leave with great tips, useful forms, and advice on how to be relevant, ethical, and successful in the competing business of ADR.

Black and white image of a smiling manA member of the Florida Bar for more than 30 years, Chris Shulman has limited his practice to service as a neutral since 2002. A member of the prestigious National Academy of Arbitrators (, Chris is also a Federal, Circuit Civil, Family, and County
Mediator, on several private and public rosters of neutrals as a mediator, and a primary Circuit-Civil and County Mediation Trainer, with approved training programs in both mediator certification areas. With more than 3,900 mediations conducted over his more than 20 years running a solo mediation practice, he has earned a wealth of practical knowledge – much learned the hard way – about running a mediation practice and getting paid!