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Business of Mediation: Making It Work

October 31, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Live Zoom Webinar
$50 for ADR Section Members

12-1 PM live Zoom webinar by Christopher M. Shulman, Shulman ADR Law, P.A. Course number 8049 is approved for 1 CLE, 1 Technology; 1 Business Litigation. ADR Section members register for only $50. REGISTER

Mediating as the “neutral” is different from advocating as counsel. As lawyers partially or completely shift their practices to performing mediations, they will quickly learn that running a mediation practice differs in numerous ways from running a traditional law office. This program will offer tips and lessons learned by a full-time neutral about the business-related aspects of operating a mediation back-office, as well as some of the customer-facing processes and forms that are vital to success. This program will also cover the important role leveraging technology can play in achieving one’s business goals as a mediator.

The CLE will provide “what every mediator needs to know for a successful mediation practice.”

  • Getting Business – including forms and best practices
  • Setting up a virtual mediation model
  • Getting Paid – Notices and follow-up.

So you are great at mediating? Do you want to succeed with the logistics of developing a full-time mediation practice?  You’ll come out of this webinar with an awareness of the obstacles in running the business of a mediator. Leave with great tips, useful forms, and advice on how to be relevant, ethical, and successful in the competing business of ADR.

Black and white image of a smiling manA member of the Florida Bar for more than 30 years, Chris Shulman has limited his practice to service as a neutral since 2002. A member of the prestigious National Academy of Arbitrators (, Chris is also a Federal, Circuit Civil, Family, and County
Mediator, on several private and public rosters of neutrals as a mediator, and a primary Circuit-Civil and County Mediation Trainer, with approved training programs in both mediator certification areas. With more than 3,900 mediations conducted over his more than 20 years running a solo mediation practice, he has earned a wealth of practical knowledge – much learned the hard way – about running a mediation practice and getting paid!