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Domestic Violence: The Volatile Family in Mediation (6567)

October 13, 2022 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Live GoToWebinar
Free for ADR Section and Family Law Section Members

Thursday, October 13, 2022, Noon – 1:30 PM live WebEx CLE, online-only, a joint presentation by the ADR and Family Law Sections of  The Florida Bar. By Victim Advocates Susan Carlini, Program Coordinator; Jacqueline Jackson, Project Coordinator; and Nicole Martinez-Collazo, Victim Advocate – Palm Beach County Victim Services.

Course Number 6567 is approved for 1.5 General CLE credits; 1.5 Marital and Family Law certification credits. Members of each section register at no charge; non-members register at $45 (ADR) or $55 (Family Law), for section membership. Attendees will receive the WebEx join link automatically via email once they have completed registration. Contact:  Hadas Stagman, 561-376-6601 or REGISTER 


To enhance the awareness of lawyers and mediators as to the presence of domestic and interpersonal violence.  This course will expose them to the warning signs, discuss myths about domestic violence, and provide information on services available to victims and perpetrators.

This training will address serious concerns about issues of safety, power imbalances, and the strategies for managing both victims and aggressors during mediation.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

• Welcome & Introductions
Susan Carlini, Program Coordinator, PBC Victim Services – Victim Advocate at Palm Beach County Victim Services.
Jacqueline Jackson, Project Coordinator, PBC Victim Services- Victim Advocate at Palm Beach County Victim Services.
Nicole Martinez-Collazo, Victim Advocate, PBC Victim Services- Victim Advocate at Palm Beach County Victim Services.

• Defining Domestic Violence/Sexual Violence/Dating Violence/Stalking – 20 minutes
o Statistics
o Types of Abuse
o Domestic Violence Cycle
o Legal Definitions
o Stalking/Cyberstalking
o Strangulation
o Psychological Abuse

• Domestic Violence in Family Cases – 15 minutes
 – Domestic Violence Issues for Mediators and Guiding Principles
o How to recognize domestic violence
o Behaviors of the aggressor
o Actions of the victim
– Identifying strategies to handle/manage domestic violence in mediation
o Pre-mediation screening
o Set up of the room(s)
o Safety measures

• Implications of Domestic Abuse for Safety and parenting 20 minutes
o Safety Concerns
o Economic Concerns
o Immediate Parenting Concerns
o Risk Assessment Factors

• Challenges Facing Victims – 15 minutes
o Power imbalances
o Finances
o Isolation
o Why don’t they leave?

• Overview of DV Services and Available Community Resources – 15 minutes
o Advocacy
o Safety planning
o Victims compensation
o Relocation
o Danger assessment
o Needs assessment

• Questions & Answers – 5 minutes