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Meah Rothman Tell, 2016-2017 ADR Section Chair

Meah Rothman Tell, P.A., Tamarac

Unlike most ADR professionals, Meah began her career in ADR in the mid-1980’s as an arbitrator on the commercial and employment panels of the American Arbitration Association and on other arbitration panels.

In the end of 1989, Meah began her work as a mediator for the Miami-Dade County Mediation Arbitration Division before there was mediator certification and became a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator. She has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Civil, County and Appellate Mediator for about thirty years and is a primary family and civil mediation trainer, and a qualified trainer for Florida Supreme Court approved qualified arbitration training programs.  Meah has taught mediation, arbitration and negotiation at Nova Southeastern University’s Dispute Resolution Master’s and Ph.D. programs and mediation to second- and third-year law students at the Shepard Broad College of Law.

Meah has served the ADR community as President of the Association of Broward County Mediators and Arbitrators and as their charter newsletter editor. She served as Chair and Co-Chair of the ADR Section of the Broward Bar and served as President of the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators.

Meah served on three of the four standing committees of the Florida Supreme Court: The ADR Rules and Policy Committee, the Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee, and the Mediation Training Review Board.

Meah served as the Treasurer, Chair-elect and Chair of the ADR Section. Her main goal in serving on the Executive Council has been to ensure that the Section makes its presence known and comments on any matters that affect mediation and arbitration in the State of Florida. The Section adopted its logo under her tenure and reached out to other Sections and to eminent ADR professionals to present joint CLE programs and to present seminars on mediation and arbitration at the annual meetings of the Florida Bar.

Every year Meah endeavors to assist the Section in providing at least one CLE program, and with Executive Council Member Deb Mastin co-chaired the Inaugural Arbitration Institute, which featured over 35 arbitration practitioners. Meah and former executive council member Larry Saichek recorded videos for the Young Lawyers Section on Mediation and Arbitration, and she joined forces with former executive council member Ricardo Cata to have the Section sponsor the first joint ADR program with the International Law Section. This year Meah participated in a CLE program on mandatory non-binding arbitration.