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Why Join the ADR Section of The Florida Bar?

If you’re frequently in mediation or are a mediator or arbitrator yourself, the ADR Section is for you. At only $45, ADR Section membership is an excellent return on your investment. Join us today and build your statewide network of referral sources and friends. Here are some reasons to join:

  • Recognition as a dispute resolution professional within The Florida Bar.
  • Statewide networking opportunities with litigators, mediators, and like-minded professionals.
  • Free listserv (section membership required for approval) to communicate with section colleagues.
  • Free monthly forums for Mediators and Arbitrators.
  • Discounted registration on CLE—and most of the section’s courses qualify for CME, so you can earn dual credits.
  • CLE specifically for Neutrals, such as how to effectively represent clients in mediation, technology, ethics, professionalism, online mediation, and more.
  • Opportunities to present seminars and publish articles.
  • Leadership through committee service.
  • Timely, relevant publications.
  • Mentoring Academy for Attorney-Mediators and Arbitration Advocacy Academy.
  • Mediation Mixers to celebrate Mediation Week in October.


Any member in good standing of The Florida Bar interested in the purpose of the section is eligible for membership upon application and payment of this section’s annual dues. Any member who ceases to be a member of The Florida Bar in good standing shall no longer be a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

The ADR Section is proud to sponsor the membership fee for 50 young lawyers (practicing five years or fewer) who commit to participate in one or more of the section’s committees. To join and participate, please click the link below to download and complete the application, mark your committees of interest and submit to The Florida Bar through one of the options listed on the form.


ADR Section Members

Join the ADR Section

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The executive council may enroll, upon request and upon payment of the prescribed dues as affiliate members of the section, persons who are inactive members of The Florida Bar and who can show a dual capacity of interest in and contribution to the section’s activities. “Affiliate” or “affiliate member” means a member of The Florida Bar who has chosen “inactive” status, law school professors, and law school students. The terms exclude members of The Florida Bar who are inactive due to disciplinary action taken by the Florida Supreme Court, including but not limited to suspension, disbarment for a term of years, or permanent disbarment. Affiliate members must not encourage the unlicensed practice of law.

The purpose of affiliate membership is to foster the development and communication of information between arbitrators, mediators, and the people who often work with arbitration and/or mediation lawyers. The number of affiliates will not exceed one-half of the section membership. Affiliate members have all the privileges accorded to members of the section except that affiliates may not vote, hold office, or participate in the selection of officers or members of the executive council, or advertise affiliate membership in any way. Affiliates may serve in an advisory nonvoting capacity which the executive council may from time to time establish in its discretion. Affiliate members will pay dues in an amount equal to that required of section members.