Patrick Russell, 2021–2022 ADR Section Chair

Patrick Russell joined Salmon and Dulberg as a mediator after years as a partner at Lydecker Diaz in Miami, and a solo attorney before that.

An experienced ethics and professionalism attorney who tried countless malpractice complaints on behalf of The Florida Bar, Patrick also specializes in business law. Patrick is a proud graduate of University of Miami Law School, with a bachelor’s in Political Science from Marquette University.  He’s a passionate amateur historian and has been collecting oral histories U.S military veterans for his Making History Project.

Patrick is passionate about mindful mediation, having seen first-hand the need for improved mental health in the legal profession during his years as an ethics attorney.  In 2020, he organized a multi-part series on mental health for the ADR Section.

His mediation philosophy of “getting to ‘we’” is based on the four key fundamental practices of listening, speaking, actions and empathy.

Patrick’s goal for his year as Chair is outreach to ensure that the membership of the Section deepens its connections with each other and remains active, even as COVID continues to dog the nation.  He is also working to implement the Long-Term Planning Committee, with a review of the Section’s committee structure.