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How Lawyers Can Change Their Lives with Meditation (Webinar)

By May 23, 2019No Comments

How Lawyers Can Change Their Lives with Meditation. Free webinar from Rocket Matter:

“Lawyers are in what’s notoriously known as one of the most stressful professions. In fact, the legal field is riddled with depression, high suicide rates, and low job satisfaction. However, science has shown that regular meditation is one of the best ways to combat these effects as it can help improve your mental and overall health. We’ve partnered with the experts behind Muse, the brain sensing headband. In this webinar, experts will teach you how to meditate and make the most out of it. You don’t want to miss this!”

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the basics of meditation such as breath awareness and how you can start doing it consistently.
  • Discover how meditation can decrease stress, enhance your performance at work, and improve your interactions with co-workers and clients.
  • Hear about the benefits of using technology like Muse, the brain sensing headband, that gives you real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate.
  • Find out how to measure your progress over time so that you can improve your focus and meditation practice.

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